Plug & Play Solution for the marine engine room

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Compact. Robust. Easy to handle. The Gas Valve Unit (GVU) by Honeywell complies in every way to the high demands of the marine industry. Honeywell offers a compact plug & play solution with axial, high-capacity regulators and safety valves, optionally housed in a gas-tight enclosure (E-GVU), , adaptive to any marine engine control system which enables full utilization of the vessel’s engine room with significant space and cost savings.

With safety shut-off valve HON 750

Main focus while developing the safety shut-off valve HON 750 was the optimization of processes: with longer lifetimes and reduced maintenance requirements. Thus operating costs can be reduced.
With decades of natural gas measurement and control
experience, Honeywell has developed an
advanced gas valve unit with axial passage for high capacities. This compact device is the ideal solution for any gas engine application, in particular for marine engines where long maintenance intervals and high reliability play a major role.

Join us at SMM 2018 in Hamburg
September 4-7
Hall A4, booth 425

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